Distance Learning - Vocational Pathways

Distance Learning - Vocational Pathways

Skills4Work has distance learning resources for nearly 100 unit standards across a wide range of industries and these standards appear on the vocational pathways list.

We have an extensive list of distance learning material for individual unit standards and as combination packages that bring together related unit standards that fit easily as one assessment. Each of these includes learning material (that covers all the theory) and an assessment (that has written questions and a workplace practical).

To make it easy to set up the learning plan and choose appropriate unit standards our Gateway material is organised into different career pathways. Each career pathway will give you a summary of what it’s like to do that job, the key skills that you will need, and also the areas you can specialise in (with the unit standards for those areas).

You can:

  1. Order the material as and when your students need it and pay our new reduced prices for individual and combination packages

Ordering material from us is easy. You can order by email or by posting/faxing our order form.

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