How Distance Learning Works

How Distance Learning Works

Students work at their own pace with help from their school Gateway coordinator and their workplace supervisor/manager/employer.

Each credit requires approximately 10 hours work in total (this includes reading the learning material, being instructed in the workplace, practising their skills on the job, answering the written questions and carrying out the workplace practical assessment).

Click on the unit standard on any webpage to find out what the student is expected to learn and be able to do while on their Gateway placement and during their workplace practical assessment. You can also download the pdf unit standard from the NZQA framework (Skills4Work will always provide you with the latest version).

Here's how distance learning works:

  1. The student reads the learning material and completes the written questions (with the help of the coordinator and/or the employer)
  2. The student completes their workplace practical assessment in the workplace while being observed by their workplace assessor/verifier. Note that the verifier does not need to be a registered assessor, but they must have experience in that field and be able to sign the student off as being competent (for example this could be a manager, employer or supervisor)
  3. Send the completed assessment back to Skills4Work and our registered assessors will mark it (up to 2 re-sits are allowed per assessment)
  4. We return the marked assessment to you and your school reports the credits to NZQA using our provider number